Malcolm Dwyer

Developer|Runner|Lego Nut|Photographer|Dad



The flashcards web app I built has its own domain now. Announcing... Brainy Space. More to come there...

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I built a Math-Facts FlashCards (link updated) web app to help my kids learn their addition

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json-predicate is a Javascript library I built that allows a JSON document to describe validations and other conditional options for another set of data.

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Back to work


Here's what the old site looked like... time for a change.

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My personal page at was last touched by me in 2006. "We had a baby" was the final change, made just after our daughter Rory was born. At that time I started sharing photos on a MobileMe photo gallery. A couple years after that I started sharing posts and photos on Facebook. languished.

Now I'm ready to get back to building my own site.

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